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Richard F Law

Former Team Leader -U.S. Fugitive Task Force - Former Operator for Blackwater USA - Executive Protection Specialist

Executive Producer

Principal owner and statutory agent for Shadow Productions LLC, Richard has been involved with Production, Distribution, Financing, and Acting, Stunts in the film and television business since 1987 and reintroduced in 2006.Richard has Produced or Acted in several feature films, and has appeared in television's Law & Order. Richard was Executive Producer for the movie short (You Better Run) which took home four awards at the San Diego Film festival. Richard is the driving force as Executive Producer for titles The Pendant, Men of Respect, Eye of the Hunter, Last of the In-Mortals, Two Wrongs, The Pizza Connection, and In the Scene -TV. Richard Has worked on Movie's such as Captain America, Mad Money, Righteous Kill, Good Fellas, Streets of Blood, Rivka, Help Me Kill Me, Richard's quote (Shadow Productions LLC is the new driving force in this New Hollywood, Old Hollywood is Dead the independent film industry has taking over by far and I will continue to Produce films for the Indie world). - IMDb Mini Biography By: In the Scene -TV